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A great strategy is unique, specific, and complete; it stands on the shoulders of a big idea; and it is owned by a leader who is ultimately responsible for its implementation.

At Cognito Strategies, we help leaders, founders and senior executives to shape the strategy needed to implement their big ideas and to do the right thing.

Thus, instead of letting the environment define your strategy, Cognito Strategies will help you craft a strategy that defines your environment. We will help you to service customers and clients more astutely and also capture value and competitive advantage from providing new solutions to your customer’s perceived needs.

Some of the critical questions you need to pose and which we help resolve are;

The Strategic Five:

  • What business or businesses should your company be in?
  • How should you add value to your businesses?
  • Who should be the target customers for your businesses?
  • What should be your value propositions to those target customers?
  • What capabilities should differentiate your ability to add value to your businesses and deliver their value propositions?

Mergers and Acquisitions

For more established businesses, if you wish to consider a management buy-out (MBO) or investigate an opportunity to merge, acquire, sell or dispose, the Cognito Strategies team has the experience and credibility required to fulfil those objectives on your behalf.